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Open Mic Night with Bill Priddle

By: Brya Bromfield

Tuesday February 28th, Gore Street Cafe was pleased to have Bill Priddle host the weekly Open Mic Night.

The music was relaxing and entertaining with Bill’s finger picking style of playing guitar. There were covers and originals played as well. Like every Tuesday night, everyone attending was welcome to get up and play music or read excerpts from books, or poems.

In addition, Nicole Dyble served fish-shaped sugar cookies to attendees in celebration of the on-going Fishbowl Festival.

The Fishbowl Festival is also presenting a show on Friday, March 3rd at 9pm down the street at Konoba. Bill Priddle will be playing with Rusty McCarthy, and Shit Creek Survivor. The cover is ten dollars. All are welcome to attend.

Garage Show with Jackson Reed, Mike Mikus & Id Iota

By: Brya Bromfield

The Fishbowl Festival continued with a garage show on Saturday, February 25th. The line-up consisted of musicians Jackson Reed and Mike Mikus, and band Id Iota. The garage was packed with people who came together for the listening to and supporting of music. Jackson Reed played from his new album November Gales, while Mike Mikus played from his new self-titled album. Id Iota entertained the crowd with it seemed, Red Hot Chili Pepper influenced music. In a one-on-one interview with Mike Mikus, one of the headlining musicians, he described the type of crowd he was playing to, saying that: “We had a lot of friends there. When you play in public you get more strangers which in that case you have to make more of a first impression and we had to do that a little bit at the garage show. But for the most part people were just excited.”

He was then asked  whose idea it was to have the show, and why a garage for the venue, replying that: “I think, I remember Jackson and I talking about it first I think and we decided to talk to Nicole about doing a show. We thought it would be cool to do it in a house or a garage just because we don’t do them often. We’ve played them at other times and they were really enjoyable. I think we’ve only done two other ones. It had been two years since we had one.”

In terms of who inspires Mike Mikus as a musician and who his influences are,  he replied that: “There’s a lot of bands. I would say the Beatles hold the very number one spot in my heart, but one of the people who inspired me to go solo was Ty Segall. I really appreciate what he does and how he chooses to just express himself and however he feels it and he can do a ton of things; it’s not holding him down and I’m into artists like that. It’s a long list.”

The interview ended with a hand shake and talk about plans for the March 14th Open Mic with Brya Bromfield and Nicole Dyble.

Thank you to Mike Mikus for the interview and everyone who came out to the garage show on Saturday; it was a great success. Closing off February, the Gore Street Cafe has Bill Priddle hosting the weekly Open Mic Night on Tuesday, February 28th.

Nicole’s Birthday Party

By: Brya Bromfield

On February 24th, supporters and friends of Nicole Dyble came to celebrate her birthday. A party was planned with many fun activities. These consisted of a blanket fort and watching The Princess Bride. 

When asked how she enjoyed the party, the birthday girl replied: “It was all very lovely. I had a good time.”

There was pizza, popcorn, and a castle-shaped birthday cake for all to eat and enjoy. The fun of the Fishbowl Festival continues with a garage show with Jackson Reed, Mike Mikus and Id Iota on Saturday, February 25th.

Open Mic Night with Ella & Kenzie

By: Brya Bromfield

On Tuesday, February 21st, supporters of the Gore Street Cafe came to listen to hosting local talent Ella & Kenzie play music in the cozy, lamp-lit space of the cafe.  Ella & Kenzie played a set list of covers as well as creative originals that kept the crowd intrigued and added to the welcoming atmosphere. Ella played piano and sang while Kenzie played guitar and also sang. The audience was encouraged to play with them as well which added a nice touch to the communal feeling of the night.

Long-time supporter of the Gore Street Cafe, Georgina Naccarato has been coming to the Open Mic Nights every Tuesday night. When asked what keeps her attending the Open Mic Nights, Georgina responded: “I come for the variety of music and the meeting of new people. I like the idea of supporting the community.”

Many volunteers came up to the front of the cafe to play a variety of songs, with promoter and cafe supporter Jackson Reed playing original tunes from his latest album November Gales with songs like “Dearest Surrender” and “Generation Vietnam”.  He also played older songs from the band he was a part of, The Mulch and the Mire. These songs consisted of “Great Oaks” and “Milkweed”.

Music is not the only acceptable art form at Gore Street Cafe’s Open Mic Nights. There were also poetry readings with original haikus and various other forms of poetry. Story readings were also welcomed.

In addition, local musician Mike Mikus ended the night with a cover of Nirvana’s “All Apologies”.  For those who missed this Open Mic Night, the event is a weekly occurrence every Tuesday at the Cafe.  The events from the Fishbowl Festival continue with a birthday party for Nicole Dyble, the owner of the cafe, on Friday, February 24th. All are welcome to come and celebrate!


By:  Brya Bromfield

The opening ceremonies for Gore Street Cafe’s annual Fishbowl Festival had a quick start this afternoon with a good crowd of people in attendance to celebrate the first day. The Fishbowl Festival is a celebration of community and the many Pisces in that community that runs from February 20th to March 20th with many events in between. The owner Nicole Dyble started putting on the festival when she realized how many Pisces there were in the community.

When asked what she wants to accomplish with the Festival, Nicole replied: “To help increase community capacity, give people the opportunity to build new skills, assist in the formation of new networks between individuals and organizations in this city, to help bring people downtown, to help bring business to local small businesses and to make fun stuff happen in the last months of winter.”

The ceremony this afternoon consisted of intern Vivi Cottle and promoter Jackson Reed performing at the cafe while customers enjoyed chili and bannock. There was also the new CD from local band Be Lyrebirds playing softly in the background afterwards throughout the afternoon. In regards to how she thought the opening ceremonies went Nicole mentioned that: “They were nice and relaxed. There was a good handful of people.”

The Fishbowl Festival has been an annual occurrence at the Gore Street Cafe for two years now. In response to being asked what was done differently this year, Nicole said that ‘we are scaling it back a little bit this year. There are no passes; there are fewer events; it’s all locally sourced; we are not having out-of- town artists this year. There’s a blog now, and we have Vivi Cottle as a placement student and Jackson Reed’s promotion organization “Ears and Eyes” involved.’

Overall, the opening day was a success with many people coming in and out to support the second annual Fishbowl Festival. Tomorrow night, February, 21st, there will be an Open Mic Night hosted by Ella and Kenzie from 7pm to 10pm for all interested.


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